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dachshund-adviceIntroduction to Breeding

It is highly advised that you consult a vet prior to considering breeding a bitch. All the information provided here is researched but it cannot be substituted with veterinary care and advice. Being a big responsibility, breeding must be taken seriously. Before becoming a breeder, you should take advise from your bitch’s breeder. Moreover, breeders are not highly rewarded with money when they take it as a profession. In all honesty, breeding is not a money making career.

Why do you want to breed?

As a breeder, you can sell small animals as pets or to scientists who work to discover efficient ways to produce animal based products and livestock. Even though there is specific education required for you to become a breeder, you might as well consider taking a course in agriculture science or any other course related to it. Earnings may vary. But typically, breeders do not make that much money but do contribute to animal and agricultural science to a great extent.

Do you have the room?

Before you consider becoming a breeder, make sure you have the room. Puppies are small and cute but they require a lot of space and leave the place messy. As a rule of thumb, you will need large runs enough to house 10-12 puppies, and whelping boxes. You will also need to wash the bedding once or twice a day, and secure an outside area if needed.

Can you provide constant care?

A responsible breeder is always ready to provide care to the sire and dam. As a matter of fact, good puppies are possible only if the parents are looked after long before the puppies are born. Make sure you will be able to provide:

  • Screening for genetic problems
  • Veterinary care
  • Good nutrition
  • Regular exercise
  • Pre-breeding health tests

Also make sure the parent dogs do not feel stressed and maintain a healthy mental state.

Do you have the time?

Make sure you will have sufficient time to attend the dam in the days leading to her labour. You will even need to give a hand for the whelping which typically takes 24 hours. The female dachshund should be ready to breed 12 days after the first coloured discharge. Will you have time to make arrangements with the stud and board your female dachshund there for a few days?

Will you be able to do frequent check-ups?

The female must be in good health before breeding. Make sure she is not too fat or too thin. Any health issue, even the slightest one, in the mother could pass on to the new born breed. It is mandatory that you take her to the vet frequently and do check-ups to make sure she does not possess any health issues, mental or physical. For example, the female should be wormed if she has worms. Any skin condition should be addressed, too.

Do you know your legal responsibilities?

According to the Breeding and Sale of Dogs Act 1999, if someone embarks on a career of breeding dogs, they must get a license should the female dog give birth to 5 or more litters in any given period of 12 months. The breeder must adhere to the following:

How to prepare the bitch?

The minimum age for breeding dachshund bitches is 12 months. The breeder must make sure if the female is mature enough to give birth to litters. During these 12 months, the breeder must provide the bitch good nutrition, training and health care and make sure they are going to be a healthy mother of puppies. It is impossible to include all the necessary information a breeder needs to know to prepare the bitch for breeding, so please contact a professional vet.

How to choose a stud?

It is very important that you, as a breeder, choose the right sire for your litters. Take professional advice from an experienced breeder and find the perfect stud.

Paperwork required

You must not forget to record the following:

Litter and Puppy Registration

As a breeder, you should register your litter with the Kernel Club. Complete the application to deliver the correct paperwork to the buyers. After you are done with the registration process, you will be sent a registration form in order for the buyers to register with the Kernel Club.

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